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          Outstanding response to university 1000-mile bus tour

          Outstanding response to university 1000-mile bus tour

          学生们 from the University of Cumbria will be over 450 miles into a 1000-mile tour of Northern England and Ireland by the end of this week, helping people to find their place at university.

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          The bus is wrapped in striking graphics and bright colours and is part of the university’s clearing campaign ahead of A-level results day, next week.

          The university has put together a whole host of 支持工具 on its website to help potential students discover their destiny.


          “You’ll get direct support from your tutors, you’ll get mentoring, and you’ll get real-life work experience that really puts you ahead of the field for the future.”

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          The bus has received lots of positive feedback on social media, including a tweet from alumnus, Adam Peel, when the bus visited Liverpool earlier this week.


          The university is offering a dedicated clearing hotline, which opens at 6am on Thursday 16 August. The number to ring is 0333 305 4612.

          Anyone considering clearing can pre-register for a call back and be first in the queue by entering their details on the website. //www.cheatsup.net/clearing/

          There are also open days at every campus on Saturday 18 August. Visit the website to register //www.cheatsup.net/study/open-events/

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